Last Saturday we hosted EduKenya for a cycling event which was aimed at raising money for giving quality holistic education to children within Mathare Slum. EduKenya seeks to educate, empower and transform communities through education.

parking lot

warm up

warm up 1




The event was a great success despite the heavy downpour on both Friday and Saturday.

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Ngong Forest Sanctuary hosts Baiskeli Adventures for a cycling event

In the recent past we hosted Baiskeli Adventures for a cycling event which was a big success. both the young and the old turned up in big numbers as they cycled in the well marked nature trails enjoying the serenity and interacting with the Sykes monkeys.


arrivalat the sanctuary

Arrival at the Sanctuary

at the beggining

The flag off


Well marked nature trails


Even the kids joined in

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Recently we hosted Karen ”C”  Primary School for an educational  tour at the Sanctuary. Among the places they visited include the glades, seasonal river and the nature trails.


in the forest

in the  forest


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Recently we hosted students from Braeburn international School year 3 students who were visiting the forest for the first time ever. They arrived at around 9:30 am where they were welcomed and ushered into the Imre Loefler Education center. They were officially welcomed by the project Manager Mr. Simon Ng’ang’a who gave them a brief history of the Ngong Forest and the differences between Indigenous and exotic trees.
arrival at the sanctuary
The students on internship talked about the life cycle of a forest, the importance and uses of a  forest. They then had snacks at the banda before proceeding to the forest for a walk. They visited the Winnie Nduku nature trail where they learnt about bees at the apiary, the glades and finally the seasonal river. They then had their lunch and finally they planted a few trees.

briefing at the educatin center

in the forest

at the nursery



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For a very long period of time community within the Ngong Road Forest have always depended on the forest for firewood which they sell or use for cooking. It has been a big task for the Ngong Road Forest management to bring the group together and advocate to them the importance of forest conservation.
In the recent past we hosted staff from Syngenta who as part of their corporate Social Responsibility participated in a tree planting event at an area that was heavily occupied by the invasive shrub, lantana camara. Unfortunately it was not good timing as it was very dry, hence they planted 100 seedlings out of the 1,000 seedlings they had purposed to plant. It was then that some community members decided to volunteer to plant the remaining seedlings after having learnt the importance of conservation.

picking the seedlings
Since only 100 seedlings were planted by Syngenta and  the target was 1000 some of  the community members  a group of five would come every day in the morning with jerrycans, carry water for almost a kilometer to the site and water the seedlings. When the long rains started, the same women would come every day to the nursery with bags for carrying the seedlings to the site and planting  them. About 90% of the seedlings are doing well. We really appreciate their efforts in maintaining and conserving the forest.


one of the community women

seedlings 1
Story by : Nicholas Akach


Ngong Road Forest is a destination for outdoor recreational activities including horse riding, quad bike riding, bird watching, forest walks and camping. On this beautiful mid-day we decided to take a break away from office work and visited section five of the Ngong Road Forest in bomas of Kenya. We really had fun as we tried to horse ride, ride the quad bike and swinging. We learned that this section had a lot to offer for environmental lovers since it’s very natural and many individuals trying to guard it have made a home around this place and the members of the public can make a visit since security is not a big issue now as before.

horse riding





A Story by Hellen

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Forest slowly blossoming again after the recent rains

The recent rains have brought back the beautiful image we have always known of the forest. During the dry season, some of the young trees and shrubs dry up while others are fed on by maasai cattle that frequently invade the forest. Tree poachers also take advantage when there is little undergrowth to chop down a few trees as they can spot patrolling rangers from far and escape.

densetrees sprouting up

After the rains, things have changed as the forest is densely covered with vegetation. Most of the Maasai herders have gone back to their places as there are pastures. Poachers somehow have fears due to frequent arrests by rangers ambushing them in the thick forest cover.

densly covered

The glades and seasonal rivers had dried, no water and vegetation for forest animals to graze on, but now it’s like a paradise. Some of the endemic trees that had been cut earlier are now regenerating and new ones sprouting up. It is our hope that the great efforts by Ngong Road Forest Association to fence the whole forest will come to fruition soon and save this precious forest from depletion, and keep it safe for the enjoyment of all now and in the future.


Story by N. O. Akach


Ngong Road  forest complex have attracted great national, regional and international interest for its immense scientific, economic and social value. The forest is rich in biodiversity more specifically the bird species. In addition, these unique ecosystem provides a wide array of goods and services for local communities including; fuel, food, medicine,  and favorable environment. Ngong forest essence can be felt either within the vicinity or far from it.

Ngong Road Forest is a home to a bustling community of animals and reptiles and amphibians. Animals known to be living in the forest include; duikers, bush bucks bush pigs , sykes monkeys among others. Bird watchers have spotted over 200 different bird species within the forest these include owls, sparrows, weavers, vultures, starlings , narina trogons among others. It is also a home to a pair of  African crowned eagles.
Ngong Road Forest Association receives visitors with different interest. For this reason come enjoy all benefits of a forest in the city, be it in bird watching, forest walks, education, cycling, game watching, running, hiking among other activities.


Well labelled trails


Beautiful nature trails


Bird watching of over 200 bird species


The racecourse dam

the hives

The Apiary maintained by the community


Story & Pictures by Esther Githaiga

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On Tuesday and Wednesday we hosted Braeburn International School for their ecology studies. On each day they were divided into four groups. Upon their arrival they were welcomed and ushered into the education center where they were briefed by the project Coordinator . Their areas of study were the woodland habitat, grassland habit and aquatic habitat.

briefing at the educatin centerbriefing laura

students are briefed at the Education centre
In the grassland Habitat they were to find out how many organisms were there in a particular area where they were supposed to measure out a certain area of 10 meters by 10 meters. They were then to drop the quadrant randomly in the measured area and use the mathematical way to estimate the number of organisms then record the number of plants found. Another activity that was conducted in the grassland habitat was that the kids were to use sweep net to catch invertebrate into the sweep net then record the no. and the type of invertebrate in there booklet.


At the grasslands
They then headed to the aquatic habitat here they were supposed to use the pond dipping method which is a very basic but effective way of surveying organisms in a pond is t pond dip using a hand held net.  They then emptied them on a plastic water tank and tallied them and record them in their booklets.

at the seasonal river


Finally they headed to the woodland habitat here they were expected to survey invertebrates in trees and bushes using a beating method which involves the shaking or beating of branches to dislodge the insects, which then falls onto a white cloth that was placed at the base of tree and shrubs, which then was trapped into a viewing tube to help them take a closer view.

at the woodland habitat

at the woodlands

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Nairobi’s Hospice Charity walk a great success

On Saturday we hosted the annual Nairobi’s  Hospice Charity walk. Nairobi Hospice is a charity caring for patients with life limiting illnesses such as cancer, HIV and Aids. The theme of the walk was “Chose to add life to their day not just days to their life.” The event was  a success and attracted over 3,000 participants.

at one of the check points


parcitipants registering


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