horse ride

Horse riding without any doubts is one of the most memorable experience one can have during their leisure time.We visited Ngong Forest sanctuary “section 5″which is located along Langata and had a lot of fun,actually no one complained about the whole experience.

journy begins

First we were given a warm welcome by the range who were waiting for us at the gate accompanied by three beautiful horses Small-T (the oldest),X-Mass and Richard.Without wasting any moment we were  on our horses and into the forest.


As we advanced into the forest ,the Baboons were jumping up and down the trees welcoming us into their world.we could not ignore the beautiful melodious sounds made by the birds as if welcoming us as one our own.This section has a variety of colorful butterflies that give  the forest a picturesque frame.One can identify several insect species both on and under the indigenous trees .

horse training riding


story & pictures by Lucie and Beatrice.




Ngong Race course has a lot to offer, especially it being a neighbor to the Ngong Road Forest Association. There is a small section of the forest that is extended into the race course. It is a beautiful quiet serine environment with a variety of birds, monkeys, butterflies, insects, different species of trees and a tremendous hiking trail.

HORSES  horses 2

Did you know horse racing in Kenya has a long history of over 110 years?The Ngong Race Course is administered by the Jockey Club of Kenya with the focus of regulating the sport of horse racing in Kenya, while ensuring that it meets international standards. The Jockey Club of Kenya is one of the Ngong Road Forest stakeholders; it is a major donor to the association.

Here is what I saw on my walk there;

The Devils horse whip

Carissa edulis



Mating Butterflies


This is how a Sunni marks its territory


The Dam


Olive plant


pictures & story by. Margaret Mbiyu

Visit to Section One of Ngong Road Forest

We have a lot of undocumented lessons to learn from Mother Nature. With an open mind, we can learn how to co-exist with her, use her natural resources without abusing her generosity. One way of doing this is by being out into the world understanding the circle of life.

karibu forest

My thirst for adventure on this particular day took me to Section One of Ngong Road Forest. The forest within the city is divided into several sections with each section offering its visitors the adventure they seek be it; Bird Watching, Nature Walks or botanical studies. This section is the smallest compared to the rest,it has numerous man made trails that make it easy for everyone to maneuver within the forest.It’s a whole new world to be discovered; insects, different species of Trees, mammals, flowers and many others.

flower flower 2

insects  plantsplants 2

A seasonal river that runs through the forest


There are two dams in this section of the forest the upper and Lower Dam


But with all that beauty, it attracts people with the wrong intentions; Example this Brachylaena huillensis (muhugu) was cut down for wood curving before the section was fenced but with the erection of an electric fence  and employment of more rangers logging has significantly reduced.

cut down tree

The establishment of the Tree nursery has helped create employment to the community members who live around the forest . The Seeds are also sold to visitors to help generate income. Some of the tree seedlings  available include: Juniperus procera (Mutarakwa), Grevillea robusta (Mukima), Warburgia ugandensis, Aliziagum mifera, Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum), Eucalyptus maculata, Eucalyptus saligna,


Story and Pictures  by: Margaret

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With the implementation of the New Forest Act of 2005, all State Forests in the country are to be managed and protected by Community Forest Associations (CFAs) in collaboration with the Kenya Forest Service. Such Associations consist of Communities living around a particular Forest together with any other parties who may have an interest.There is now in existence the Ngong Road Forest Association, of which the Trust is a member of the Management Board.

In view of this, The Trust will be ceasing all its activities on the ground as of 30th June 2015 and transferring all Staff and Assets to that Association including the Website and Blog.The Trust will continue in existence, to assist the Association where possible and with its charitable status work on ‘Fund raising’.

We take the opportunity to thank you all for your generous support in the past and would course be most appreciative of any further support, either direct or to the Association in the future. All below programs that were initiated by the Trust will continue running normally under the Association;

Forest Protection

rangers patrol  DSC02103_rangers_on_patrol.JPGSome of the loggers with their tools for cutting down trees.


Environmental Education

the imre loefler education center

briefing at the education center

at the grasslands


Community Support


bee keeping   inspection

shamopp making

step eight



forest walk


starehe girls and boys bandrocky area



jubilated to have finished the race

Community tie and dye Project

The Ngong forest community members met for their weekly meeting today. On their agenda, they embarked on their tie and dye lesson. This project has helped improve their lives, it being an alternative source of income.
There are various steps to be followed which include;
Step One: Cutting the material

step one
Step Two: folding of the material

step two
  Step Three: folding material into triangles

step three
Step Four: tying the material tightly with a rubber band

step four 1  step four 11
Step Five: soaking it in clean hot water, then in dyed hot water one side

step five (a)  step five (b)
Step Six: soaking the other side with a different dye

step six
Step Seven: unfolding and drying it in the sun

step seven
And this is the final product

step eight  step nine

story by: Esther Pictures by: Margaret


On Saturday 6th June 2015, Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary Trust hosted the Third Annual Starehe Girls Center Charity Walk aimed at raising funds to educate financially disadvantage girls from all the counties of Kenya.The walk attracted over 3,000 participants who were mainly schools from around Nairobi.

the walk  begins

The walk begins

crossing the bridge

taking a breather

taking a  breather

the puddle we had to walk through

The muddy trails the participants walked through

the seasoal river water fall

some of the  beautiful sceneries  the participants came across

It was a muddy affair but the participants thoroughly enjoyed.  If you would like to visit kindly contact us through:

[email protected]


For the  third time now, Riara Group of Schools will be holding a Charity Walk in aid of Starehe Girls Centre at the Sanctuary on Saturday 6th  June 2015.
This is the Starehe Girls’ Centre 11th Academic Year and a major milestone given the support they have continued to receive in sustaining a Centre of Excellence in education for brilliant and needy girls. The school has continued to grow with forty (40) additional girls joining every year.

warm up

the band entertains

happy to finish the walk

gathered at the venue
For the many participants that will turn up for the walk, it will be a great chance to interact with nature and they walk for a worthy course, talk of double benefits.

Many organizers of such events have come to realize this and are now turning to natural environments as they are more serene, less polluted and in fact guarantee the participants a refreshing feeling at the end of the event.

if you would like to visit kindly contact us through : [email protected]



Yesterday my colleague and I joined one of the rangers in their normal patrols in the deepest parts of the forest. We were in section 4 of the forest. We came across a large nest that belonged to the African crowned eagle that was about to nest. Female African eagles are usually larger than the male eagles. Some of the other species of birds that we came across are Grey backed camaroptela, Narina trogon, Black backed puff back and Bugler fetched weaver.

We also came across the Miotoni Stream which is seasonal which was actually challenging to cross as there was no bridge to cross on to the other side and also visited caves. Later on we visited the glade where we found various footprints of a hyena and a bush buck. Finally, we passed by at Ngong racecourse dam where we found Egyptian goose, yellow billed duck and an African black duck.



hyena footprint

racecourse dam
It was a tough day paddling through the muddy trails due to the heavy rains but was an interesting one.
A story by Catherine and Charles interns

If you would like to visit, kindly contact us on:
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During the first week at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary we analyzed visitors’ records for the past two years and did a summary of the same. We made a visit to Ngong road forest section five where we visited one of the neighbour’s of the section for horse ridding. Being our first experience we found it hard to ride the horses, but with a help from one of their staff we found out that it was very easy and interesting.
Later in the week we went for a forest walk to familiarize ourselves with the forest and to identify various species of trees and birds. We managed to identify some tree species such as Rawsonia lucida, poison arrow tree and Zanthoxylum usambarense. Some species of birds such as Red collared widow bird, Cinnamon chested bee eater and Northern double collard Sunbird.

Orientation Banda

at the orientation banda

bird watching   at racecourse

headed to one of the nature trails

horse riding
It was an enjoyable week especially being the first week.
Story by Catherine & Charles – Interns

Community Members embark on a income generating project

Members from Kibera and Dagoretti have formed a community Based Organization called Ngong Road Forest Community Association, which then joined the Umbrella Ngong Road Forest Association through which they are able participate in the management of the forest and in turn gain some benefits. The members participate in various projects likes, briquettes making, Soap making, Antiseptic making and Weaving (for women).
Recently at the Ngong road forest sanctuary we were able to introduce to the community members an alternative way of earning income by introducing a tie and dye concept .we invited a trainer who taught the members how to decorate pieces of clothes to make beautiful lessos and kangas for women. This concept is to discourage the community members from engaging in illegal forest practices and to raise money for their upkeep.

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story by Jeniffer, Maureen, Pauline and Patrick