Community Members embark on a income generating project

Members from Kibera and Dagoretti have formed a community Based Organization called Ngong Road Forest Community Association, which then joined the Umbrella Ngong Road Forest Association through which they are able participate in the management of the forest and in turn gain some benefits. The members participate in various projects likes, briquettes making, Soap making, Antiseptic making and Weaving (for women).
Recently at the Ngong road forest sanctuary we were able to introduce to the community members an alternative way of earning income by introducing a tie and dye concept .we invited a trainer who taught the members how to decorate pieces of clothes to make beautiful lessos and kangas for women. This concept is to discourage the community members from engaging in illegal forest practices and to raise money for their upkeep.

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story by Jeniffer, Maureen, Pauline and Patrick



Various organizations have found the sanctuary as a perfect destination for their corporate day events due to the many attractive sites it offers and its uniqueness of being an indigenous forest within a city and given that its only 6km from the city. Hence on Saturday for the third time running Ngong road forest sanctuary hosted the chase foundation charity walk. The walk that was dubbed “stand up for African mothers” attracted Over 4000 participants the walk’s main aim was to raise funds for reducing maternal deaths in rural areas through the training of midwives.





Story by Patrick, Jeniffer, Maureen, Pauline and Esther.


Bird ringing is the marking of an individual bird uniquely. It involves placement of special rings on birds or other markers like dye, radio transmitters and satellite tags. This activity involves catching the birds using traps or nets and then extraction of the birds from the nets is done by trained and competent persons. The birds are then placed in bird bags and carried to a ringing station. At the station various activities are carried out like bird identification, measurements of wings, skulls, tarsus and weight. After the ringer collects all information needed they record it in a data book and then put a ring on the bird and release it in hope of trapping them in future.
Ngong road forest sanctuary has stood out as a destination for bird ringing because it hosts several bird species. On Thursday 19th experts from the national museum visited the sanctuary to do bird ringing. Their main interest in catching the birds was to identify parasites in birds. This group of four people engaged us in the activity whereby we were able to carry out the activity from Thursday to Saturday. It was a very successful activity as were able to catch various bird species and we successfully carried out the activity of ringing and collecting all the information that was required.

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story by Jeniffer Maina.

Sanctuary to host the Chase Group Foundation Walk for the third year.

For the third year running  on Saturday 28th March 2015 Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary will be hosting the chase foundation walk 2015. The walk that is dubbed “Stand up for African mothers” is expected to bring over 4,500 participants whose aim is to raise funds for reducing maternal deaths in rural areas through the training of midwives.The main objective is to raise funds to help reduce maternal mortality by improving the access to health reproductive services. The walk aims to raise  money through individual participation and corporate sponsorship.





Preparations are underway to make the event a great success

International forest day celebrations a great success

On Saturday Ngong road forest celebrated the international forest day which was held at Ngong road forest primary school to show the importance of forests and trees in people’s lives. It was a great day attended by various guests who all had something to say about this great day.
The day’s activities involved speeches from various speakers like the head of conservancies, a representative from mother earth and prof.Karanja, the chairman of Karura forest who addressed various issues like deforestation and climate change .There were also presentations from schools like,  Lenana Secondary, Precious blood, KMTC, and others. These presentations were in form of songs, choral verses, and a play, all trying to show the importance of forests. It could not be a complete day without planting trees.


representative from kfs


A number of trees were planted and those who planted emphasized on the importance of trees. It was a great day celebrated at the Ngong road forest primary and everyone had refreshments and later left at their own pleasure, all having in mind that forest are important and so there is need to conserve them all.


tree planting



Forests are a major component of the environment all over the world. They are important in various ways for example in the purification of air, form water catchment areas, act as attractions, attract rain and also help in conserving soil by reducing soil erosion. It is therefore important that all forests are conserved so that we can continue enjoying their benefits.
March 21st marks an important day to all forests all over the world. This day is celebrated is celebrated as the international forest day whereby people celebrate it through various ways like planting of trees and creating awareness of the importance of forests. Ngong road forest is one of the organizations’ that will be coming together tomorrow to celebrate the day at Ngong Forest Primary. We will be carrying out various activities like planting trees and also enlightening people on the importance of forests in our country.

project coordinator


We welcome all as we celebrate this great day to appreciate our forests.


Ngong road forest has a lot to offer in terms of tourism products. One of the most attractive products in the forest is the caves. These caves are located in section four of the forest. The caves are easily accessible through the trails in the forest. As one walks to the caves you are able to engage in some form of adventure like hiking and also have a view of the flora and fauna in the forest.
On Wednesday we visited the caves in the company of three rangers. It was an exciting experience as we were able to get into the caves and also took some photos at the beautiful scenery. It was a very enjoyable experience and more to that we enjoyed our walk back to the office because we were able to do some bird watching and learning more of the flora in the forest.

walk to the forest

at cave 1

at cave 2

Story by Patrick, Moureen, Jeniffer and Esther.


Forest conservation in Kenya is being faced by many challenges day in day out. These challenges include: poaching, logging, dumping, inadequate work force, insecurity, fire out breaks and human encroachment. Ngong road forest is faced by the above challenges.
Recently with the new developments taking place around the forest, dumping and pollution has been a great challenge in conserving Ngong road forest. Due to the infrastructural developments, there has been a lot of waste that has been dumped in the forest. This is a great challenge as it will greatly affect the flora and fauna in the forest.
Human encroachment is another major challenge that is facing the forest, where by people have taken up part of the forest land and settled there, this has led to reduction of the forest size and also contribute in illegal practices like poaching, logging, forest fires and pollution in the forest.




The New Forest Act of 2005 encourages the participation of Communities living adjacent to forests to access and participate in the protection and management of their forest. In our case, members from Kibera and Dagoretti have formed a community Based Organization called Ngong Road Forest Community Association, which then joined the Umbrella Ngong Road Forest Association through which they are able participate in the management of the forest and in turn gain some benefits.
To facilitate this arrangement, the Association is in the process of developing a Management Plan for the forest. Part of the process involves a social survey to establish social economic status of the communities and the resources available in the forest.
On Wednesday; members of Ngong road forest CFA [community forest association] had a meeting in the sanctuary at the orientation banda. The members arrived early enough because the meeting was to start at 9; 00am.The main agenda for the day was to fill questionnaire which was to carry out research on the socio-economic status on members.
We joined the members in the meeting and we were given the role of explaining to them what they were required to fill. The trainer did some explanations to us and we were divided in to groups of five before embarking on the day’s agenda. It was successful task, at the end of the day we managed to fill about 50 questionnaires.



story written by Esther Jeniffer, Pauline, Maureen and Patrick.


Last Friday we spent the entire day at section 1 of Ngong road forest .Here we were supposed to carry out a desnaring activity, which is removing snares in the forest. We were supplied with equipment such as gloves, pliers and saws that would help us remove any snares that we would find. After a brief talk, we drove to one end of the forest where we were to start. We immediately embarked on the activity which involved crawling under shrubs looking for snares and we managed to get some which we desnared.
At noon we went for a break, where we took our lunch. Afterwards we went back to complete desnaring of the small portion remaining. At the end of the day we successfully removed at least 10 snares.







Story by : Pauline, Jeniffer, Maureen, Patrick, Esther