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More updates on Tana River Delta campaign

Further to the news already posted regarding the Tana River Delta saga and the threat of sugarcane destroying it, the latest news can be found following these links which are sent out by NatureKenya: Publicity 1. 17th July 2008 BirdLife news Tana gets temporary reprieve 2. 17th July 2008 Tana gets temporary reprieve […]

Thanks for support!

Just to add a word of thanks to Michael and Lynton who both have made donations to our work earlier in July totalling $30 – both very much appreciated. Over the next few weeks I hope to introduce you to the rest of our A Rocha Kenya team based in Watamu on the north Kenyan […]

Take action to save the Tana River Delta

More and more people and organisations are becoming aware of the plight of the Tana River Delta. Here is something that you can join in on and take action. We are also posting on the website other letters which you can copy and paste into an email or print and send to a list […]

Tana River Local Community fighting for their land & to conserve biodiversity

Just before I came back South Africa I met with Maulidi Diwayu in Malindi. He’d been calling me frequently to try and set up a meeting before he headed back into the Tana River Delta where he’s from in order to discuss the huge challenge of the sugarcane project threatening to destroy the delta. Diwayu […]

African Green pigeon visits Ngong Forest

This week there are plenty of African Green Pigeons (Treron calva) in the forest. They are moving in a flock of about 20 birds and you are likely to see them in the huge fruiting fig trees (Ficus thoningii). You dont often see these birds in the forest but sometimes you can herar their fluting […]

The Community holds a prayer meeting for the Delta’s protection

Last Saturday the local community in the Tana River Delta area where the sugar cane project is proposed to be put that will effectively eradicate the delta got together for a community prayer meeting. The aim of the meeting was to pray and ask God to intervene and to stop the project from going ahead […]

Sugar project temporarily halted as taken to court

 It’s a little while since we put anything up about the Tana River Delta sugar fiasco but the Kenya Wetlands Forum together with NatureKenya has been doing a great job on the campaign front. News last week was that a court injunction has been put on the sugarcane project stopping it at least temporarily. This […]


  As the young, old and the famous gathered around the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary’s main gate, I was busy in the final touches of erecting poles to support a banner displaying the starting point of a fun run to be held inside the forest. Having monitored the marking of the 5Km and 10Km tracks to […]

Finally! …an SGT!!!

YES!! We got one! We had to get up earlier this morning – 4:30am so as to get into the forest in time to open the nets before dawn since you catch most birds as they come out of roost and start moving about in the first hour of daylight (especially here on the coast […]

Owls and goshawks

Happy 4th of July to any Americans reading this! It’s 6.30 a.m & I’m sitting around the ringing table on the edge of the forest with Albert & some volunteers – Ruphous & Francis from around here, Mercy from Nairobi & Sam from the UK. We’ve opened the nets in the forest 1/2 hour ago […]