Monthly Archives: August 2008

Final Day of Assets camps 2008

It was 06:10 when Carol and I (Julia Stroud A Rocha volunteer from UK) went up to the balcony to lead morning glory and found the students already there and singing!  We sung one or two more praise songs before a short devotion from Proverbs 3 v5-8 and then, because we were a bit early […]

Day two of Second Assets Camp 2008

The dawn of day two came round very early with morning glory at 6.15am.  It was then time for breakfast when vast quantities of bread, jam and tea were consumed.  Our first activity of the day was a talk from Julius Katana.  Julius is a member of the Assets committee and was a local education […]

Assets Camp Number Two Begins!

The second Assets camp of 2008 has begun!  6 girls and 15 boys have squeezed into our two largest guest rooms and a tent!   Tsofa tells us his ambition – to be an environmental educator!  Exactly what he is doing now!  Today the weather has been hot with no rain and everyone has settled in […]

Day 3 of the Camp – talks on drugs and saying goodbye

Our last day dawned bright and early with more Morning Glory, breakfast and then an excellent talk from a worker from the local ‘Imani drug rehabilitation Centre.’ He explained the science behind the addiction and how you get hooked and well as the realities of rehab and being strong about avoiding drugs in school and […]

Assets Students arrive for the first Assets camp 2008

Day 1 Twenty Assets students trickled shyly into Mwamba during the course of the morning of 12th August, unaware of the packed three day programme we had in store for them. Tsofa kicked the camp off with introductions, explanations, camp rules and started the ongoing camp competition, whereby the students were divided into two teams. […]

Kids camp at Mwamba for ASSETS students

It’s the third year running now that we’ve been given funds (just $2,000 does it) to run two 3-4 day camps for kids at the A Rocha Kenya centre, Mwamba. Funds have been generously given by a church in the UK who’s pastor, Chris, volunteered for us 3 years ago and he’s spearheaded the idea. […]

Introducing A Rocha Kenya’s Environmental Education Officer – Tsofa Mweni

I was born on 27 september 1967 in Shimba Hills (south of Mombasa) where my dad was working as a schoolteacher, and had settled after being transfered from Malindi. I come from a family of 7 (5 brothers and 2 sisters) and went to school in Shimba Hills and later joined Kenyatta High School in […]