Monthly Archives: November 2008

FINALLY!! a Marsh Warbler wearing a ‘PARIS’ ring!

Conditions at night were good and we started ringing at 12:30am in near perfect mist. Nico, Mercy and Stallone left yesterday and David Gitau (‘DG’) and Felista Malaki came to take their place. DG took the midnight watch and woke us immediately as the mist was down and birds all over. We only set the […]

Almost 3,000 birds ringed in 12 hours with record numbers of Marsh Warblers & flocks of migrating Amur Falcons

It was a busy and hectic night made worse by rain on and off and then a huge downpour at 5:30am just before we opened nets. We therefore only opened 2/3 of the ‘L’ of nets to start with expecting the Marsh Warbler ‘boom’ that happens at around 6am when they start moving out of […]

Barn Swallow caught with a piece of string tied around its leg… & over 800 birds in 30 mins

An odd night – the mist kind of came in at around 1:00am and there were birds around but it lifted after only about 10 minutes and there was just a low cloud. The catch rate was only c.30 in an hour until we turned the tapes on of the Marsh Warbler, Sprosser and Whitethroat […]


On Monday our regular visit from ‘Earthwatch’ commenced with 9 visitors from Kenya, the USA, and the UK. The team, from a variety of professions including teaching and zoo keeping are here to study Sykes Monkeys in the forest region around Gede Ruins. They have a particular interest in the difference in seed dispersion between […]

It’s been a loooong but glorious day! I’ve only just woken up at 6:50pm to the noise of the tourists sitting on the balcony waiting for the chui (leopard) to come for his leg of goat having got to bed at 3pm after a 1:30am start. Alain was on midnight to 2am duty to watch […]

Two Upcher’s Warblers, a Golden Oriole & a Golden Pipit ringed amongst 1,593 caught

It’s odd how often here at Ngulia you feel the number of birds caught and ringed are quite a lot but not that many only to do a tally at the end of the morning and discover you’ve caught many more. Like today, for example. It’s 11:30am and we’ve just finished the morning’s ringing – […]

Thicker mist brings in more migrants

Nico and Stallone did the early stint watching for mist last night – midnight to 2am. When my alarm went off again at 2am I sneaked an extra 6 mins of dozing as I could see through the window there was no mist but then took pity on them and climbed quietly out of bed […]

Nyari the Champions

Friday 21st November saw the final of the Inter-schools quiz for the Asset schools Wildlife Clubs. Tsofa devised various rounds with questions on conservation and other topics such as English, agriculture and a word puzzle. Mijomboni school arrived as definite favourites and were surprised when Nyari took the lead. The standard was high on both […]

861 migrant birds ringed in the mist in the heart of Tsavo National Park

It’s that time of the year again… the new moon period in the Nov/Dec short rains when a small band of mostly amateur ornithologists converge on a lodge perched high on an escarpment with panoramic views of miles and miles of African bush on a quest to catch and ring 1000s of migrant warblers and […]

Growing our Assets

On Tuesday Jonathan took a trip to two schools to meet the parents of some of our current Assets students. The parents involved plant trees and vegetables partly on school land and partly on their own properties. Now that the long holidays are about to start some planning was needed for garden maintenance over the […]