Monthly Archives: February 2009

bushman’s poison

Acokanthera oppositifolia, is an evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 3-5m high. its known to be highly was used as a form of defence by Africans by smearing it at the base of an arrow hence the name bushman’s poison. It’s the ripening season in Ngong forest, walking through the forest,you can […]

more on the bee project

a few minutes ago,we again had a chance to visit the apiary, with hopeful minds at least to get if not more but a few kilos of honey. a woman dressed in full attire holding a frame which contain honey I learnt that the honey is held in a frame(above shown), the white patch is […]

Pressure mounts on

Pressure mounts on English Name:Silver Oak Botanical Name: Brachyleane huillensis Local Name: Muhugu In one of our normal patrols, we came across 30 pieces of Silver Oak tree cut in hidden in the forest. The tree is on demand for carving because of its good quality wood, it carves easily and polishes well with a […]

From our ranger’s desk

Meet George Thuo, a forest ranger at Ngong Road Forets Sanctuary . I really like being within the forest atmosphere or other enviromental resources. I used to have a tree nursery in Nyandarua North District where i used to distribute different tree species to individuas and institutions like Kanjuiri secondary School. When i was in […]

could bees be any useful?

A bee keeping project had been implemented in Ngong Forest Sanctuary about three years ago as an incentive for the local community.Women are the most active participants in this project.Yesterday, i joined a group of community women who came to inspect their hives in the forest. dressed in their full attire,one can just tell from […]

Fermented bananas work best for some butterfly species

A scene of plenty of butterflies. in the forest is a show of a healthy ecosystem. Currently a team from ICIPE is carrying out a butterfly inventory project in the forest. The main aim is to identify and come up with a checklist of butterfly species in the forest.Inorder to do this, we have established […]

Slum women start energy project in Ngong Road Forest

Last week our two women from the local community of Kibera, Africa’s largest slum, started a project that could lead them out of poverty. Kibera is not the kind of place that most people would choose to live, over 2 million people call this home. This is Njeri Kamau, she has three young children and […]

Briquette making – learning by doing

Rosemary and Njeri are two women from the slum of Kibera who are trying out an experiment to make fuel briqettes out of forest wastes from the  Ngong Road forest. To learn all about the briquettes making process, they visited Kitengela Glass – a glass recycling plant just outside of Nairobi and very near the […]

The value of fuel wood

On any day of the week, there are 70 women collecting firewood in the Ngong Road forest. Each woman collects what she can carry – about 50 kg (some claim to carry up to 70 kg). That’s 4,900 kg of fuel wood collected per day, or 78,400 kg per month! Women can only take what […]