Monthly Archives: March 2009

Herbalist Pose Threat To Endangered Tree Species

During our patrols, we have noted there is another form of tree destruction taking place. It involves removal of tree bark for medicinal value. Some parts of the forest are not affected but the problem seems to be in the forest part adjacent to Kibera slum. Everyday we have to get two to three trees […]

The cat is here

It is in our line of duty to man the education centre and its premises during the night. every little noise at night is ominous .Today at around 3.45Am i heard something like a knock on the back door,i alerted my other colleagues and we tip toed towards the glass made door. we crossed the […]

mistaken identity

Forest is an important resource, but different people will view it differently: Some thugs view the forest as either a temporary hidding place/shelter or as a valid source for their products- the tree loggers, (The proximity of Ngong forest to the capital city and its location in the midst of the poor slum habitats and […]

To the rescue

illegal hunting has been one of the major threats in the forest. This morning, in our normal patrols,we came across one of the uncommon occurances,a sykes monkey trapped in a snare! A trapped monkey Ranger George who had accompanied me held the monkey down with a stick as i tried to untie the wire around […]

fence sabotage

Ngong forest,like any other natural setting has suffered from exploitation. To minimize the rate of exploitaion in 2003, an electric fence was erected to cover a total of 600ha which is now the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. Not all measures will work as expected, even with this high voltage fence, enemies of conservation will still […]