Monthly Archives: April 2009

Removing Snares

Ngong forest is home for a variety of animal species. The small sized antelopes are most common and are main targets by poachers. Last year a joint operation to remove snares by Born free, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and Ngong Forest rangers was carried where a total of 243 snares were found. Last week a […]

It’s Maasai Cattle Versus Community Bees for limited Forest space

The Maasai community is the most dominant pastoral in East Africa. They measure their wealth in terms of herd sizes which on average numbers in hundreds.During the dry seasons, the Maasai pastoralists are allowed to graze in specific areas of the Ngong Forest after being issued with permits by the Kenya Forest Service. To guard […]

Saturday Forest Walks

On 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month there are bird watching and forest walks here at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. Last Saturday my colleague Nicholas and I proceeded to Ngong Race Coarse, which is part of the Ngong Forest where visitors meet for the forest walks. This day, nobody turned up thus we decided […]

A night at Mida Creek ringing waders about to leave for Asia

The waders (shorebirds) are just about to leave for their breeding grounds in Asia and it’s a very interesting time to collect data from them to understand their migration strategies better. We usually invite volunteers and any guests staying at Mwamba to join us for the night – or part of it. Laura and Jonny, […]

Running in the forest has made them proud

Riruta central school is located in an estate. In its urban setting,the school has no sporting grounds .The only place they are assured of is the Telcom grounds and Ngong Forest sanctuary,which are located approximately 2km. A number of the students are athletics, the schools coach Gregory Kilonzo has been with the school for many […]