Monthly Archives: May 2009

ups and downs of the African Crowned Eagle

The eagle was first spotted in the forest six years ago,a chick was hatched in the year 2004,after almost two years,when the chick was mature enough to fetch for itself,it left the parents. The pair Of African Crown Eagle In mid 2006 the bird hatched again it was so unfortunate for the parents after the […]

Rare Frigatebird distrupts the routine

Monday mornings are not the most exciting times of the week and with the prospect of a morning full of meetings, one doesn’t expect v much of great excitement to happen. Having said that, since our meeting ‘room’ is on the flat roof of the centre with a makuti (palm frond) roof over our heads […]

Students touch nature as they learn in a Natural Forest within the city

On Monday this week, a group of 34 pupils accompanied by 3 teachers from Kenton College Preparatory School visited Ngong forest for their science practical lesson. The lesson was mainly on identification of plant and animal species, their interaction and adaptation to their habitat and population size estimation. The pupils were divided into three groups, […]