Monthly Archives: July 2009

Should the Church be involved in conservation & climate change issues?

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks in Nairobi for a Micah Network conference discussing the church’s response to Climate Change. It was an awesome week involving people from c.46 nations and making a strong statement that the church has no option but to be fully involved in making a difference to reduce carbon […]

Visitor Scared by a Beetle

Last Sunday we set out for an evening walk that we all came to admire. This time, Mike’s wife informed us that she felt extra energy and would prefer us to take a longer route than usual. True to her words she would keep ahead of us for almost the entire walk,stopping only to give […]

First Spotted Ground Thrush in Gede Ruins in 3 years

One Thursday last month we were back in the Gede Ruins National Monument forest – an area of beautiful indigenous forest with huge old trees surrounding the Gede Ruins – for the first monitoring session of the Spotted Ground Thrush this year at the ruins. It was great to have some good assistance in the […]

To the Rescue

Poaching has become a major threat in almost all protected areas in Kenya, Ngong Forest Sanctuary is not an exemption, thanks to Born Free who have been having desnaring exercises in the forest in conjunction with volunteers from Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. In a recent 20 minutes desnaring documenting that was centered in areas around […]

Maasai cattle in the forest

The dramatic changes in the weather condition experienced all over the world has effected each one of us differently. Consider a case in Kenya regions where patrolist communities are found,due to insufficientt or even lack of rain has made conditions unbearable for the pastoralist community living in such areas resulting to most of them fleeing […]