Monthly Archives: August 2009

Are they here to stay?

Due to the current drought situations in Kenya, most of protected areas are currently under siege by cattle & livestock bringing in a clear conflict of interest between conservationist and pastoralists. In Ngong forest, large herds of cattle are continuously witnessed grazing inside and at the edges of the forest Have a look at this: […]


I spent most of the Saturday morning hours in a forest walk with two visitors, Andrew and Njoroge. As usual we started at main gate and progressed slowly into the forest, ranger Akach accompanied us, he helped me to answer various questions and inquiries from the visitors. They were amazed that right in the city, […]

Wader ringing isn’t always so successful!

The tide was about right for another night on Mida Creek catching and ringing waders – 2.6m at 03:40 hrs… a bit late in the night, but not impossible to work and I’ve ringed over a 2.7m tide before and done pretty well, so figured we’d go for it. I’ve never ringed waders in Kenya […]

Recovery of Poached Tree

Walking through the forest you will hardly fail to notice old or even fresh tree stumps , at first you will tend to think the trees were cut using a power saw, but this is not the case, poachers are smart, and they will usually employ a device that will produce little or no sound […]