Monthly Archives: October 2009

Teeming Rain and Team Building

  Mwamba is bustling after a few weeks of quiet around the centre.  With Director Colin and Programmes Coordinator Roni holidaying inland, and without a huge number of guests, the centre had been a bit empty, providing a great chance to do some maintenance and odd jobs.  In just a short time, one of the […]

A dumpimg site? let us appreciate forests.

Every year in the month of September or October, there is always a one week of exhibition at the Nairobi Show Ground which is organized by Agricultural Society of Kenya and attracts many people including students countrywide and abroad. Cemetery Road which is used as an exit from show ground and passes by the sanctuary’s […]

Anti-bushmeat to local schools.

The last week saw two trips to local schools to bring them a lesson aimed at educating the children in the dangers of trapping and eating bushmeat . At Roka Primary School, around 100 children from all classes crammed into the classroom, whilst at Ngala Girls Secondary School we addressed around 30 students from the […]

Quizzes on the Far Side of the Forest

On Friday, a group of us took the trip to one of the furthest reaches of the ASSETS network, to facilitate a quiz between two primary schools – Malanga and Girimacha – on the eastern side of the Arabuko-Sokoke forest. This was the first round of the competition for the two schools, hoping to beat […]

Thugs target part of the electric fence

As a conflict mitigation measures,a perimeter electric fence was enacted around the sanctuary in 2003. It has since been effective apart from theft of energizers,batteries and solar panels that served part of the fence which we have not been able to replace, recently persistent theft cases of the fence wires is on the rise . […]

Tree Planting in The Forest

With onset of long rains countrywide , a joint group from APA insurance and Capital Fm ( a leading radio station in Kenya) planted over 1,000 indigenous trees in the Ngong forest. The event was very successful with various schools and Ngong Forest Community members joining hands to plant trees. The group going by the […]

Surprised at Sabaki

Sunday evening saw an intrepid group embarking on the monthly night-time tern count and crow monitoring.  The crows came first, counted as they came in to roost, to be followed by a full-moon lit tern count.  Racing down the highway to Malindi trying to outrun the sunset, we arrived in time to scale the tallest […]

Baboons invade Community Womens Beehives

In Ngong Forest Sanctuary,bee keeping project was started in 2003 funded by UNDP-GEF Small Grant Programme, as a user group and an alternative source of income for the local community . Every Wednesday the members carry out hives inspection and they assembled at a common point,the main gate.Last Wednesday was honey harvesting day,the women reported […]

Theft Attempt at the Education Center

Though we have been experiencing cases of fence vandalism in the forest, cases of theft attempts at the office/Education Center are the first to witness. It started with an attempt to steal a tank from the orientation banda’s toilets at main gate but it was discovered hidden in the bush some few meters away. The […]

Partnering to Boost Security

Ngong Forest Sanctuary is gaining popularity as a regular destination for nature lovers and especially those who love going for forest walks and bird watching. During such visits, it is our duty as rangers to provide security for them. In our normal forest patrols, a team of two and sometimes three rangers cover a forest […]