Monthly Archives: January 2010

Small mammals in the forest at risk

The Ngong Forest Sanctuary is home for several animal and bird species. Quite often especially during walks, one is likely to see baboons, sykes monkeys ,bush bucks, duikers,sunis, squirrels,tree and Rock hyrax, warthogs together with many butterflies and birds species. Sykes monkeys Rock hyrax In 2003, the Trust erected a perimeter electric fence along the […]

Forest Walk

Last Saturday we had a fascinating walk in the forest in the company of five visitors . We discussed on the route to follow ,passed by the education center, the orientation banda and into the thick forest . At the African Crowned Eagle ‘s nest, there was a new owner, i had earlier noted that […]

Forest and Students Ecology Study

The Banda school students alighted from their bus some minutes after 9:00 o’clock yesterday morning. Led by their science teachers, the 34 student were on mission to study various ecological habitat and human impact in Ngong Forest Sanctuary . They moved in a single queue along a tiled pavement and went straight to the education […]

Its the most serene and save enviroment to be

As i was manning the gate to the main gate camp yesterday, the midday was too hot and i looked for a place to sit under tree shade where i could have a clear view of the gate. Donned in green uniform it was difficult for anybody to notice me and so i relaxed safe […]

Its rare to see them around

It has been along time since i saw warthogs roaming around. Sometimes back, anybody who visited the forest using Ngong Racecourse entrance had a chance to see warthogs and olive baboons feeding on left overs at the dump site. Their number were reduced by poachers who had set snares in most parts of the forest. […]