Monthly Archives: July 2011


Last saturday was the third saturday of the month when we have visitors’ meeting at the racecourse restaurant parking for bird watching and nature walks that start at 9.00am. As usual we are always expected to be there early enough before any visitor arrives. Since it was my duty last week on saturday, I decided […]

Nursery translocation

We are students in for internship at the ngong forest sanctuary. It was on Tuesday 21/06/2011 when we undertook vigorous exercise of transfering the seedlings from the Kenya Forest Service’s ground to the nursery beds prepared at the sanctuary at the main gate which took place after the ground preparation of the nursery beds to-be […]

paradise for the monkeys and birds !fruiting season for the flora!

We are interns in the sanctuary and we have stayed for a month now. during our usual research-like forest walks,something quite rare but breathtakingly beautiful caught my eye,the vegetation in the forest is in their peak of their fruiting season. it came to my realization that this meant two things; firsly the monkeys and birds […]

African Crown Eagle is back again!

It has been a while since they came back to their nest. Every time we are on patrol we are assured of finding it perching on the croton megalocarpous tree that houses their nest.What makes us worry is the sudden change of its behaviour in that it is shy and whenever it sees anybody coming […]