Cathsam school kindergarten pupils visited the sanctuary for a nature walk. The day was bright promising a successful day.

The pupils arrived at 8.30am and were ushered into the Imre Loefler hall by the education officer. They were warned against littering the forest and noise making.

Arriving at the sanctuary

Briefing  at the Imre Loefler

At the Banda the pupils were divided into three groups with the help of their teachers. They  then set off for the walk where they saw suni’s and Sykes monkeys. The pupils also visited the caves which is a home to hyenas that live in the forest. Their journey was however cut short by the safari ants that attacked some of the pupils.

during the nature walk

at the caves

out of the caves

tackling safari ants

They returned to the Imre Loefler hall and later left for their school.

back to the Imre Loefler hall

Story written and compiled by Claire Nasike and Catherine Kariuki

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