Yesterday saw the sanctuary receive an impromptu visit by tourists, one of the forest trustees and a few birdwatchers from Nature Kenya with the interest in Bird watching come over to the forest for a quick bird watching experience.

Ngong road forest sanctuary did not disappoint as the rangers were ready as usual for any visitor(s) plus the interns currently on attachment at the forest sanctuary.

The visitors requested for an epic bird watching experience in an hour’s time and the rangers took the visitors through a shorter nature trail where they discovered several bird species including the crown eagle which is always amazing to site to every Birdwatcher.

In the Nature Trails.

A pose deep in the Forest.

Ngong road forest sanctuary boosts for having over 200 species of birds.

Viewing the Crown Eagle.

Through the walk the tourists shared how they loved their experience here in Kenya due to its diverse eco zones that have in them unique attractions distinct from the other. The visitors left thereafter happy for a great experience they got from the forest visit.

Socializing On the way Back.

All Back After the Walk.

Story by: Nelson Okomba & Kevin Amundi (Interns)

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