Illegal logging till when?

At Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary we always have on our daily schedule patrols in the forest in order to ensure that illegal logging doesn’t occur in the forest among other things that ruin it.

On this particular day the Project Coordinator and Ranger Nicholas decided to take us (interns) along a patrol via the southern bypass to the Bomas camp upon our request.

All was going on well till we met a group of young men crossing the bypass road from one side of the forest en route to Kibera with Firewood from the forest which I later learnt that they sell to make money for their day to day livelihood. Our forest ranger tried to run after them but this proved to be a difficult task as they got lost in the thick forest leaving behind the firewood they had collected. We loaded the firewood in our patrol vehicle and took it to the Bomas Camp.

Carrying the firewood

Loading the firewood

The Bomas Camp

As all this unfolded right before my eyes several questions run through my mind.

1. What makes these men go on with logging despite the efforts to discourage them?

2. What can we do now that the past efforts haven’t helped?

Food for thought

Story by Kevin M. Amundi (Intern)

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