October 12th, 2012 saw the sanctuary receive 4 guests who were welcomed warmly by the Education officer and the secretary both sharing the name Esther.

These 4 guests turned out to be interns at the sanctuary 3 doing Tourism Management and 1 doing Environmental studies all from The Kenya Polytechnic University College. A little orientation was done by the education officer and signing of documents to formalize the whole process was done. We were later asked to report on Monday the following week to commence our internship officially.

Interns Bird watching

Activities while on attachment ranged from Office work, Bird watching, Forest patrols, tour guiding, cycling, event planning and research to blog writing/social media. All this was a learning process for us since we got to exchange ideas with the visitors who came to the sanctuary, rangers, the project coordinator, secretary, education officer and amongst ourselves. We also had a chance to apply what we learn in class in the various assignments given.

Forest Patrol with the Coordinator and Ranger

Loading firewood from Illegal Loggers

Interns with their supervisor and Coordinator

If I had the power to freeze time I would do so in order to stay a little longer at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. On the other hand Christmas celebrations are here and we have to go celebrate the birth of Christ as we prepare to get back to school come January next year.

Thanks Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary Trust for such a chance.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2013.

By: Kevin M. Amundi. (Intern)

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