My colleague and I were on our normal forest patrol, everything seemed normal until we decided to visit the southern bypass which cuts across the forest to see the latest development on the ongoing road construction.

lorry full oftoxic waste

Lorry full of toxic waste

It didn’t take us long to notice that some of the Lorries which we thought had brought materials for construction, were actually busy dumping toxic waste in the forest. Previously they had been caught dumping and warned severely against it, of which it now seemed like  it fell on deaf ears.

busy dumping


emting the litter into the forest

As the Lorries were dumping some of the slum dwellers were busy collecting pieces of metals, plastic, actually anything they could sell and get some sort of income.

slum dwelles collecting the waste materials

Slum dwellers busy collecting the plastics

We immediately ordered them to stop and exit the forest and we informed the authorities.  We hope a stern action will be taken against them.


Story by Ranger Nicholas Akach

[email protected]

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