Mr Philip Gitahi , Treasurer of Ngong Road forest association  recently  visited the N gong forest community to showcase an energy  saving  alternative project .The project was to use the briquette machine to  help the community  make some briquettes  thus saving large amount of money and energy in purchasing and  collecting  firewood. The briquettes  are made out of paper, cow dug  and  sawdust .

mr phillip demonsrates

Mr Phillip demonstrates on how to make briquettes

The briquettes can  not only can be used as an energy alternative, but  also  creates employment  opportunities if sold .  It does not   produce smoke and ash.

The briquette  machine  components  are:  pestle,  mortar and divider.

the briquette machine

The briquette making machine

Procedure of making the sawdust briquettes

making sand briqqutes

Making soil briquettes

1.       Put the sawdust into a bucket and add one tin of red soil , the red soil is  used  as a binder.

2.       Mix the mixture and add water .Make sure the mixture is not very wet or very dry.

3.       Put the mixture into a measuring cup and put into the mortar and place the divider onto the mixture inside the mortar. Add another mixture into the mortar and place the divider. Do  this process   one more time.

4.       Take the pestle and press into the mortar. The idea is to press the mixture  to drain the water.

5.       Remove the pestle and take the mortar out in order  to remove the mixture which  has formed into briquettes. Remove the  mixture and dry it in the sun.

 end product of the paper briquettes

end product of a soil briquette

Procedure  in making paper briquettes


preparing paper briquettes – pre- soaked paper

1.       Get  pieces of cur ton box  an soak them into bucket of  water for 48hrs.

2.       After the  48hrs take the papers out  and  put them in to a tin.

3.       Using  wood stick  beat  the mixture  till its  fine.


4.       Using the measuring  cup add  the mixture  inside the cup then put it into the mortar and place the  divider into the paper mixture inside the mortar, add another paper mixture into the m0rtar and place the divider. Do this process one more time.

5.       Take the pestle  and into the mortar , the idea is to press  the mixture to drain water.


6.       Remove the pestle  and take  the mortar  out in order to remove the mixture which has formed in to  briquettes. Then dry them in the sun  which  are later  used for cooking and can also be sold .

The chairman  Mr. Phillip  asked if  the community  was  involve in other projects ,the women said they were involved  in sack harvesting project where the women would  grow vegetables . Another  project they  are also  involved in is bee keeping  where they harvest  and sell the honey.


Drying the briquettes in the sun for later use

Mr.Philip  also encouraged to the community  to practice  butterfly  farming; putting nets where the butterfly   would  lay eggs an produce  cocoons which  are  used  as silk. He  came  with a few  books  that he sold 100ksh and another at 400ksh each.

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  1. The Key to maintaining Africa’s wonderfull biodiversity is in such measures that work with nature to boost income and living standards

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