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After getting well acquainted with the sanctuary, it is now time to get into serious business. Earlier in the week we got involved in office work where we did various activities such as analysis of visitors who had visited the sanctuary in the past, made a brief report about the Sanctuary (N.R.F.S.T) and the Association (N.R.F.A). In the office we analyzed the visitor’s record book to different categories where we drew pie charts and histograms. We also summarized information contained in the files and arranged them accordingly.
Later in the week we made a visit to the east Africa wildlife society whereby we attended a meeting held by the Kenya forest wildlife society.. We learned of the opportunities and challenges faced in farm forestry. We were encouraged to always give updates of what happens in our own areas concerning the environment, so that support us where they can.



the imre loefler education center
It was indeed a busy week at Ngong road forest sanctuary.


Being our first day on attachment at the Ngong road forest sanctuary we were taken around by one of the rangers Mr. Nicholas Akach to familiarize ourselves with the forest. We were very anxious and had very high expectations.
We walked around the forest and enjoyed the diverse flora and fauna in the forest. It took us about one hour to view and survey section four of the forest. During the walk we enjoyed the cool environment while noting and highlighting different species of birds and trees.
We were also lucky to see different mammals like the Sykes monkey, the duiker and suni. We were finding it hard to identify the different sounds made by different types of birds but Nicholas, the ranger who took us on walk in the forest encouraged us not to give up and just be keen when a bird makes a sound. He also advised us to have more bird watching walks that will help us to identify them.




story by Jeniffer, Maureen, Patrick and Pauline


Over the weekend Ngong Road Forest in conjunction with H & A (a sports company) hosted the DHL Cycling Challenge. The event started at around 7:00 am with the organizers setting up the registration areas and by 9:00 am most of the participants had arrived.



They were welcomed by Mr. Gerard of H&A Sports Company who also flagged off the event. There were three categories in the cycling event the first was for 15 kilometers, 30 kilometers and one for 45 kilometers and there was also one for 5 kilometers for the kids and any other person who didn’t want to cycle and preferred to walk.

welcomed by mr gelard

welcoming the participants

the flag off

participants are flagged off
There were challenges along the way some having punctures, others falling off their bikes, others having to push the bicycles in some of the steep areas but ultimately they all had fun. Finally they enjoyed some refreshments as the event came to a close.


the cycling begins

rocky area

in some of the steep and rocky areas


other opted to walk


refreshments after the walk/ cycling event


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Orpharns enjoy a free christmas party at the Sanctuary

Today we are hosting orphans from National Center for and development  for a Christmas party at the sanctuary. They arrived at around  9:30  am where they were welcomed by the senior ranger Nicholas Akach  they went through the mini nature trail, then had lunch at the Banda and played games as the day came to an end.

from the smiles on their faces it was indeed a day well spent.


nature trail 1

nature trail

forest walk


lunch 1

Having lunch at the Banda





From all staff of Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year


The day started as usual and we expected student from st Christopher academy who were coming to visit the sanctuary their interest being learning more about conservation, tree planting and forest walk. They arrived at 11.00am and settled in the sanctuary educational centre where they learnt more about conservation and also they were given a brief report about things they should expect during the visit and also dos and don’ts during the visit.

briefing at hte education centre
They then proceeded for tree planting where they planted 60 tree seedlings, most of the seedlings they planted were vitex keniensis, Warburgia ugandensis and Podocarpus falcatus.

at the nursery

at the tree nursery

planting 1



planting the seedlings

tree planting


watering the seedlings
They started their walk at 1.00pm.on the way they encountered unique thing these were dams, caves species of birds among them was a very rare bird known as black and white wattle eye and also species of trees including the endangered silver oak. The walk took 1hour by 2.oopm they were through and they went back to their school everyone could read the glee in their faces.

forest walk

forest walk
Written by: Naomi Mbugua
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Recently Hillcrest International School students visited the sanctuary for an educational tour. Their main aim of visiting the sanctuary was to learn more about conservation, tree planting and also have a forest walk. They arrived at 9.00a.m and settled in the sanctuary education centre where Naomi Mbugua one of our guides gave a short history about the Sanctuary and what the student should expect in the Ngong forest sanctuary and also dos and don’ts during the visit.


After the briefing they proceeded to the forest for the tree planting activity .The trees that were planted were mostly Meru oak. At around 11.00a.m they went for a forest walk. The students were lucky to see animals such as the suni, syke monkeys and many others they also identified different species of birds, trees and also beautiful butterflies .The forest walk took 1hour and by 12noon the students left the sanctuary happy and willing to come back again to look the progress of the trees they planted.


senior ranger demonstrates on how to plant a seedling

tree planting

tree planting

project coordinator

Sanctuary’s project coordinator assists a student to plant a seedling

forest walk

forest walk

posing for a picture
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Recently we hosted employees from Equity Bank Limited (Kawangware Branch) for their corporate day event. They arrived at around 9:30 am where they were welcomed by Simon Ng’ang’a project coordinator at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary who gave a brief history about Ngong Forest Sanctuary.

walk 2


Taking a walk in the forest
They then headed to the forest for a nature walk then proceeded to the Banda where they had “nyama choma” and drinks as they danced away late into the night.

at the dam

at the dam

at the banda


having lunch

Having lunch at the Banda

nyama choma

having “nyama choma”

dancing away the night

Having a blast as they dance the night away
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On Tuesday and Thursday Sanctuary hosted Braeburn International School for their ecology studies. On each day they were divided into four groups. Upon their arrival they were welcomed and ushered into the Sanctuary’s education center where they were briefed by the project Coordinator and Laura an intern at the Sanctuary respectively. Their areas of study were the woodland habitat, grassland habit and aquatic habitat.

briefing at the educatin centerbriefing laura

students are briefed at the Education centre
In the grassland Habitat they were to find out how many organisms were there in a particular area where they were supposed to measure out a certain area of 10 meters by 10 meters. They were then to drop the quadrant randomly in the measured area and use the mathematical way to estimate the number of organisms then record the number of plants found. Another activity that was conducted in the grassland habitat was that the kids were to use sweep net to catch invertebrate into the sweep net then record the no. and the type of invertebrate in there booklet.


At the grasslands
They then headed t the aquatic habitat here they were supposed to use the pond dipping method which is a very basic but effective way of surveying organisms in a pond is t pond dip using a hand held net. During the 2 days visit one group were lucky to find a water scorpion which other groups did not find. Another group was also lucky to find 26 Cray fish to everyone’s surprise. They then emptied them on a plastic water tank and tallied them and record them in their booklets.

Finally they headed to the woodland habitat here they were expected to survey invertebrates in trees and bushes using a beating method which involves the shaking or beating of branches to dislodge the insects, which then falls onto a white cloth that was placed at the base of tree and shrubs, which then was trapped into a viewing tube to help them take a closer view.

at the woodland habitat

at the woodlands

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The Sanctuary is working closely with the people in awareness campaign to inculcate the culture of sustainable use of natural resources. In the recent past the Trust has been working closely with a non- governmental organizations teaching the community on the benefits of saving, making detergents, embroidery among other economic empowerment businesses.

opening the home bank

Opening one  of the members home bank
Currently they are learning the benefits of saving taught by the staff of an NGO by the name of Hand in Hand in order to start various income generating activities. After training on how to save each member was given a home bank to which he/she was to keep for six months and were encouraged to save a certain amount each day. After the six months they brought the money and the member who had saved the most was awarded.

counting the money

person with the highest savings

Counting and recording the money from the members
During the last meeting they brought the home banks where the officials of Hand in Hand counted and recorded the money. The total savings from the community members was Kshs 77,493 with the highest member saving a total of Kshs 25,081 and the lowest saving a total of with Kshs 500. They were encouraged to start a business with the money they had saved.
Story by Laura &Hellen- Interns
[email protected]


It was early in the morning at around 7 am when my colleague and I accompanied some of the community members into the forest for them to inspect their hives. The bee hives are located in different sections but within close proximity to each other.

changing ino bee hive suits


changing into the beehive suits
The community members were dressed in the attire required during an inspection (bee hive suits) so that they could not be stung by the bees. Unfortunately for us we did not have the required clothing therefore just viewed from afar as we took some photographs. The hives known as ‘mzingas’ in swahili as the members called them, were not ready for harvest as most of them had a little or no honey at all. Some of them were invaded by the wax moth as it laid eggs inside and others wasp thus they had to be cleaned up and some plants with an attractive smell to bees placed inside.


inspection 1

inspection 2

inspection 3

Inspecting the hives
The cool breeze, the fresh air, the beautiful sunrise and the active birds within the forest made the experience lively and good. Hopefully next time we may be given the bee hive suites so as to participate practically in the bee hive inspection too.
By Laura and Hellen
[email protected]