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The sanctuary received 100 students from Braeburn International School I for two days where the students were divided into 4 groups each day.The students arrived at 8.30pm at the sanctuary then briefed about the sanctuary by Mr.  Simon who is the  project coordinator before they started  their activities . After the briefing the students were divided in to four groups. Each group had 1 guide with 1 student whom is on attachment.  They also had a guard in every group.

arrival at the sanctuary

Arrival at the Sanctuary


The Students are briefed by the project coordinator

The kids were to be involved in 4 different activities which were woodland habitat, grassland habit, aquatic habitat and nature walk in the forest.


 The habitat  study  was  conducted  in 2  days  where  the  kids  were  asked  to describe the  grassland  habitat   then  fill them  on their booklet. They were  to find  out how many  organism were there  in a  particular   place by using  a mathematical  way  to estimate  the  number  of organism  which are the lippie  plant. They would need 10meters length rope, a quadrat, a notebook, and a pencil to record the no of lippie plant found in the measured area.


grassland habitat

Another activity  that  was  conducted  in the grassland  habitat  was that the kids  were to use sweep net to catch invertebrate into the sweep net then record the no. and the type of invertebrate in there  booklet.


The kids visited the aquatic habitat and were introduced by Mr. Nicholas Akach who was their guide. During the 2 days visit one group were lucky to find a water scorpion which other groups did not find. Another group was also lucky  to find 26  Cray  fish  which was a surprise  to  everyone  including  as the tour guides .After catching  the organism using  their fish nets, the kids had to empty them on a plastic  water tank  and tally them and record  in there booklet.


aquatic 1

aquatic habitat


The woodland habitat sampling the  kids  were expected  to  survey invertebrate in trees and bushes using a beating methods  which involved  the  shaking or beating of  branches to dislodge the insects,  which fell onto a white cloth that was placed at the base of tree and shrubs.

After that the kids were to fill their booklet with the name and the no. of invertebrate found and tally.


woodland habitat


This was the last activity the kids were involved in the 2days after all their habitat  study. while in the forest the kids so the red duckier,Sunni antelope,crown eagle ,different species of trees e.g.the Cyprus,Sodom apple tree,acacia ,macadamia,mwarobaini e.t.c. they were so happy seen the different types of butterflies and even caught them They thanked us for the walk and the great experience they had in the Ngong forest sanctuary 

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Strolling along a peaceful nature trail is certainly a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Trails create a healthy recreation by providing people of all ages with attractive, safe, accessible low cost places to cycle, walk, hike, jog or skate.

At Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary Trust there are nature trails   that are well maintained mainly used for cycling, walking and educational tours and am certain you won’t miss a monkey or two!


well labelled nature trails


Entrance to one of the nature trails


cycling in one of the nature trails


Sykes  monkeys at the sanctuary


jogging in one of the nature trails

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For the benefit of those that may not be familiar with its location, Ngong Forest Sanctuary’s main gate is located along Cemetery Road, off Ngong Road. This is the Road that normally serves as the exit from Jamuhuri ASK Show grounds during the 6 days of the trade fair.

In normal days, the road is not very busy as most motorists avoid it owing to its location in the forest that may be perceived as a potential security risk. The road also has numerous pot holes that are only filed up with soil a few days to the show.

Normally calm and deserted Cemetery Road

The normally calm and deserted cemetery road

It was all sunny during this year’s trade fair and the freshly soil covered potholes enabled the motorists to drive fast past our gate leaving the rangers security camp all covered in dust from morning to evening.

dusty road

The now dusty  cemetery road

Even now with the show long over, the dusty condition has continued to affect us especially now that there is less traffic and speeding through the bush seems to thrill some motorists at the expense of the nearby and adjacent families’ health, especially our young children.



With population increase in Nairobi City has led to overcrowding in the few leisure spots available. The Sanctuary is therefore timely into offering yet another alternative.  Due to its uniqueness of being an indigenous forest within a city and given that it is only 6km from the city center, many organizations are finding the sanctuary a perfect destination for their corporate day events.

Last Saturday we hosted a tree planting and picnic event that was a great success. Prior to the event preparations were done to ensure that the day would be a successful one. Upon their arrival they were welcomed by the project coordinator who then gave a brief speech about the sanctuary and later led them to the planting site where he demonstrated on how to plant the seedling.

project coordinator

the project coordinator welcomes the guests to the Sanctuary

demonstration on how to plant

the project coordinator demonstrating on how to plant the seedling

They then got down to business and started planting after which they watered them. They then went to the orientation Banda where they picnicked as all those who had participated were awarded with certificates.

planting begins

planting begins

nature walk


certificates are issued to those who participated in the tree planting session

If you would love to visit the sanctuary or plant a tree, kindly get in touch with us through


 Over the years population increase in Nairobi City has led to overcrowding in the few leisure spots available . The sanctuary is therefore timely into offering yet another alternative. Due to its uniqueness of being an indigenous forest within a city, and given that its only 6km from the city center. More and more organizations are finding the Sanctuary as a perfect destination for their corporate day events due to the many attractive sites it offers. Come tomorrow sanctuary will host a tree planting and picnic event. Preparations are underway to make the event a success.

 clearing invasive lantana Species

pitting for the seedlings


If you would like to host an event at the sanctuary kindly get in touch with us through :


For many years now, Ngong Forest Sanctuary has been hosting the Nairobi Hospice Charity walks. The walks are organized every September with the aim of raising funds to care for patients with life limiting illnesses such as Cancer, HIV, and Aids etc

In some years past, and still happens in some areas, Charity Walks used to be held on city roads, in which case the roads or streets in question would have to be closed from vehicular traffic, safe for the few necessary like for Security and First Aid.  In such a scenario, participants are usually exposed to the scotching sun for hours as they persevere the noise, air and other form of pollution from all around the route.  The aforementioned closure of closure of some roads for the purpose of the event translates into massive traffic jams in the adjacent streets with the end result being an agonizing day for both the motorists and the walkers which may at times dim all the good intentions the walk was intended to achieve.

parcitipants registering


Many organizers of such events have come to realize this and are now turning to natural environments as they are more serene, lass polluted and in fact guarantees the participants a refreshing feeling at the end of the event.

For those who turned up for the walk last Saturday, it was a great opportunity to interact with nature as they walked for a worthy course, talk of double benefits.

walking in the forest

For those who would wish to hold an event in the sanctuary in future, please contact us on for arrangements.


This Saturday sanctuary will host Nairobi hospice for their annual charity walk with the funds helping patients with life limiting illnesses such as cancer, HIV and AIDS.

Preparations are underway to make the event a success.


Clearing one of the trails that will be used


marking trails

marking the trails

Marking the trails


As a way of enhancing conservation of the forests, communities around the forests were required to form Community based organizations that helped in poverty alleviation but at the same time were environmentally friendly. The Sanctuary recognized the need of ensuring that projects were relevant to the adjacent communities and together they formed Ngong Road Forest Community. The Sanctuary has helped them in establishing projects such as beekeeping where a women group from Kibera, Ngando and Mutuini slums has installed 200 hives.

mr simom ngong road forest sanctuary project coordinator

Mr Simon the Sanctuary’s project coordinator welcomes the community members
The Trust has also provided opportunities for them to learn more income generating activities such as making of the liquid soap, bleaching detergents, antiseptic among others. Last Wednesday they hosted Ololua Community Forest Association on an exchange program they exchanged ideas on what each association was doing and even demonstrated some of the income generating activities. After they were done there was entertainment and a cup of tea. They each left with new ideas on what areas of their association they would improve and implement on.

ololua community forest association

Members of the Ololua Community forest Association

the chairman of ololua

The Chairman from Ololua Sharing some of the ideas on what they do

the chairman recieves a certificate

Ngong road forest community chairman receives a certificate  from a  Hand in Hand trainer following the various economic empowerment trainings they have undergone

the community members

Some of the Ngong Forest Community members

they pose for a picture

members of both the associations pose for a picture

they share a cup of tea

They then shared a cup of tea


Ngong Forest Sanctuary has an ongoing Environmental Education Program for Schools and colleges visiting the Sanctuary. The program is run at the Sanctuary’s Education Centre Facility that comprises of Lecture Theater, a PA system, an Overhead Projector and an ample and secure Car Park Facility. These, together with the Orientation Banda and numerous nature trails have seen the Sanctuary become a very important and resourceful outdoor learning venue for students at all levels of education.

The Centre also has wide variety of nature based videos and mounted insect specimens for Educational purposes.

Last Saturday, we hosted students from the Kenya Wildlife Training Institute who were on a field assignment to identify the various attractions that forests offer.

students getting a briefing from their lectures

Students getting a briefing from their lecturers

The project Coordinator gave a brief talk on the potential of forests in Kenya’s Tourism Industry, with special reference to Ngong Forest Sanctuary.

project coordinator gives a talk

Projects Coordinator gives a talk

The students then had a forest walk and were happy for the opportunity to test their animal and plant identification skills, with the Coordinator and the Rangers on hand to help.

students identifying plants

students identifying plants 2

Students identifying plants

The climax of the visit was the sighting of a pair of the Crowed Eagle on their nest, which they have rebuilt over and over on the same spot for over ten years.


 Crowned Eagle

watching the crown eagle

Students watching the crowned Eagle


 If you would like to bring a group on an educational tour, bird watching or just a forest walk, please contact us on for arrangements.



The Sanctuary recognizes the importance of ensuring projects are relevant to adjacent to communities. It therefore has included the neighbours in all stages of decision making and day to day management. The trust seeks to play a role in poverty alleviation by establishing projects that are beneficial to the communities, but at the same time environmental friendly.

The Sanctuary is working closely with the people in awareness campaign to inculcate the culture of sustainable use of natural resources.  In the recent past the Trust has been working closely with a non- governmental organizations teaching the community on the benefits of saving, making detergents, embroidery among other economic empowerment businesses.

mr simba the community chairman

Mr Simba the community chairman welcomes the community members

Currently they are learning the benefits of saving taught by the staff of an NGO by the name of Hand in Hand in order to start various income generating activities. They were each given a home bank box for a period of one month and whoever had saved the most would be awarded. Last Wednesday they brought the home bank boxes for which their teacher opened, counted and recorded how much each community member had saved.

tone of their teachers

one of their trainers also gives a speech

showing their home banks

community members showing off their home bank boxes

taking his money to be counted

the Community Secretary taking some of the members home bank boxes to be counted



After each members money had been counted and recorded they were encouraged to start a business with the money they had saved. They went home a happy lot as they were amazed at how much they had saved.