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Forest conservation in Kenya is being faced by many challenges day in day out. These challenges include: poaching, logging, dumping, inadequate work force, insecurity, fire out breaks and human encroachment. Ngong road forest is faced by the above challenges.
Recently with the new developments taking place around the forest, dumping and pollution has been a great challenge in conserving Ngong road forest. Due to the infrastructural developments, there has been a lot of waste that has been dumped in the forest. This is a great challenge as it will greatly affect the flora and fauna in the forest.
Human encroachment is another major challenge that is facing the forest, where by people have taken up part of the forest land and settled there, this has led to reduction of the forest size and also contribute in illegal practices like poaching, logging, forest fires and pollution in the forest.




The New Forest Act of 2005 encourages the participation of Communities living adjacent to forests to access and participate in the protection and management of their forest. In our case, members from Kibera and Dagoretti have formed a community Based Organization called Ngong Road Forest Community Association, which then joined the Umbrella Ngong Road Forest Association through which they are able participate in the management of the forest and in turn gain some benefits.
To facilitate this arrangement, the Association is in the process of developing a Management Plan for the forest. Part of the process involves a social survey to establish social economic status of the communities and the resources available in the forest.
On Wednesday; members of Ngong road forest CFA [community forest association] had a meeting in the sanctuary at the orientation banda. The members arrived early enough because the meeting was to start at 9; 00am.The main agenda for the day was to fill questionnaire which was to carry out research on the socio-economic status on members.
We joined the members in the meeting and we were given the role of explaining to them what they were required to fill. The trainer did some explanations to us and we were divided in to groups of five before embarking on the day’s agenda. It was successful task, at the end of the day we managed to fill about 50 questionnaires.



story written by Esther Jeniffer, Pauline, Maureen and Patrick.


Last Friday we spent the entire day at section 1 of Ngong road forest .Here we were supposed to carry out a desnaring activity, which is removing snares in the forest. We were supplied with equipment such as gloves, pliers and saws that would help us remove any snares that we would find. After a brief talk, we drove to one end of the forest where we were to start. We immediately embarked on the activity which involved crawling under shrubs looking for snares and we managed to get some which we desnared.
At noon we went for a break, where we took our lunch. Afterwards we went back to complete desnaring of the small portion remaining. At the end of the day we successfully removed at least 10 snares.







Story by : Pauline, Jeniffer, Maureen, Patrick, Esther



On Wednesday 18th February at around noon, the student on at the sanctuary visited section one of Ngong Road Forest that is located along the southern bypass for a nature walk. We were accompanied by Mr. Simon Nganga the vice chairman of (NRFA) and one of the rangers Mr.Nicholas Akach.
We were welcomed by one of the rangers at the gate who guided us by first taking as to the tree nursery where we identified different tree species and then we had a walk in to the forest. We made various stopovers: at the upper dam where there is a picnic site, the next was at the lower dam where one can do boat riding and enjoy the beautiful scenery.





story by Jeniffer, Patrick, Maureen, Esther and Pauline.


Sanctuary has been hosting various activities in the recent past such as picnics, team building, jogging, tree walks, bird walks, cycling among others. One of the community members requested to host family and friends to an wedding after reception at the sanctuary’s car park. The wedding reception was a great success as it was full of fun , song and dance.

arrival at the sanctuary

the newly wed couple arrive at the Sanctuary


dance 1

cake eating



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Are you looking for the best nature trails in Nairobi? Ngong road forest sanctuary has one of the best nature trails. One of them is named as the Winnie Duku nature trail. Winnie Duku is a nature trail that was designed for children between 8 and 16 years in order to help understand the importance of conservation. At the Winnie Duku trail one can be involved in different activities like studying trees, bird watching, cycling and jogging for fun and also for competition.





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For the last one month during our regular forest patrols we have noticed that the Cedar tree (Juniperus Procera) has been rapidly disappearing as we would find freshly cut tree stamps and branches.
On several occasions we made attempts to nub the culprits but they always found a way to escape. This however did not deter us as we were sure that we would somehow arrest them.
Finally last night we managed to arrest him while his accomplice managed to escape. We took him to Jamuhuri Police Station.

the culprit

the culprit

logged tree

Juniperus procera is an important timber tree used for building houses , poles, for furniture and the bark is used for beehives. It is loved by tree loggers as it is termite resistant.

Image result for juniperus procera


Story by Ranger  Nicholas Akach


After getting well acquainted with the sanctuary, it is now time to get into serious business. Earlier in the week we got involved in office work where we did various activities such as analysis of visitors who had visited the sanctuary in the past, made a brief report about the Sanctuary (N.R.F.S.T) and the Association (N.R.F.A). In the office we analyzed the visitor’s record book to different categories where we drew pie charts and histograms. We also summarized information contained in the files and arranged them accordingly.
Later in the week we made a visit to the east Africa wildlife society whereby we attended a meeting held by the Kenya forest wildlife society.. We learned of the opportunities and challenges faced in farm forestry. We were encouraged to always give updates of what happens in our own areas concerning the environment, so that support us where they can.



the imre loefler education center
It was indeed a busy week at Ngong road forest sanctuary.


Being our first day on attachment at the Ngong road forest sanctuary we were taken around by one of the rangers Mr. Nicholas Akach to familiarize ourselves with the forest. We were very anxious and had very high expectations.
We walked around the forest and enjoyed the diverse flora and fauna in the forest. It took us about one hour to view and survey section four of the forest. During the walk we enjoyed the cool environment while noting and highlighting different species of birds and trees.
We were also lucky to see different mammals like the Sykes monkey, the duiker and suni. We were finding it hard to identify the different sounds made by different types of birds but Nicholas, the ranger who took us on walk in the forest encouraged us not to give up and just be keen when a bird makes a sound. He also advised us to have more bird watching walks that will help us to identify them.




story by Jeniffer, Maureen, Patrick and Pauline


Over the weekend Ngong Road Forest in conjunction with H & A (a sports company) hosted the DHL Cycling Challenge. The event started at around 7:00 am with the organizers setting up the registration areas and by 9:00 am most of the participants had arrived.



They were welcomed by Mr. Gerard of H&A Sports Company who also flagged off the event. There were three categories in the cycling event the first was for 15 kilometers, 30 kilometers and one for 45 kilometers and there was also one for 5 kilometers for the kids and any other person who didn’t want to cycle and preferred to walk.

welcomed by mr gelard

welcoming the participants

the flag off

participants are flagged off
There were challenges along the way some having punctures, others falling off their bikes, others having to push the bicycles in some of the steep areas but ultimately they all had fun. Finally they enjoyed some refreshments as the event came to a close.


the cycling begins

rocky area

in some of the steep and rocky areas


other opted to walk


refreshments after the walk/ cycling event


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