Last week, Aida was back to the forest for one of her favourite out door activities. Accompanied by her friend Agatha, they arrived at the Sanctuary’s maingate with their mountain bikes at quater to nine in the morning and immediately they started to prepare their bikes for the forest ride.


The road from the main gate to the Sanctuary’s car park

I left them at the sanctuary’s car park and headed to the Jockey club of Kenya to check if there were any other visitors. This is where the Sanctuay’s office was before and is still where the visitors and other geusts meet on every 1st and 3rd saturday of the month. On my bike, I cycled to the clubs golf park accross the horse racing field where all the visitors usually park their cars, but unfortunately, there was nobody in sight. I decided to wait for thirty minutes but still nobody turned up.

When I was just about to leave for the Sanctuary, Nicholas a colleague of mine called me to inform me that they had already started the ride together with Aida and Agatha and he asked me to meet them at the satrt of the Winnie Duku nature trail. This is a trail that was designed and developed in the the sanctuary by school children. The nature trail passes under a natural indeginous tree canopy and a very grassy area. Immediately I cycled to the nature trail and got there before them. Upon looking at the path along the fence, I saw them pushing their bikes beacuse it was still very muddy.


A ranger pushing his bike

Together we cycled slowly along the nature trails for about five kilometeres. Suddenly Aida stopped then the rest of us also stopped a few meters ahead of her. I knew that something was wrong with her bike beacuse I saw her carrying the chain of her bike in her hands. I then rushed to check what the problem was. “This is why somebody should always carry a bicycle tool kit along” she said. I could feel some disappointment from the tone of her voice because for her, it seemed like her adventure was over. “How about if I lend you my bike?” I askesd her. “Yes, that’s very kind of you, but what about you?” “I will just push your bike back to the main gate, in any case, I can always ride later on during our normal forest patrols.” I answered.

Aida had a very wide smile on her face as she handed over her broken down bike to me, she jumped onto my bike and immediately they took off together with Akach and Agatha. I watched them dissappear into the forest but Aida was still lagging behind. I knew it would take her sometime to aquint herself to the my bike and with time she would catch up with the rest. After they were now out of sight, I pushed the bike slowly back to the maingate.


A ranger together with Agatha and Aida

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