Students from various schools, colleges, universities and other institutions normally come for educational and trips at the Ngong Forest Sanctuary. The most recent one was a biological study at the Sanctuary by students from Kenton School. The students were between the age of ten and thirteen years old. When they arrived, They were all so anxious to have their studies in the serene, beautiful indigenous forest which is just afew kilometers from the capital city.

DSC06693 group in forest.JPG

A group of students in the forest.

In this biological lessons, we subdivided the students into four different study groups, with each group having a topic to learn about. The students had to learn more about aquatic whereby we used a section of the Motoini river. This is a river which crosses the forest from the Lenana area to the Nairobi Dam via Kibera estate.

DSC06761 aquatic.JPG

Some of the students with the rangers

The students also got to learn alot about the woodlands. They learned the tree species which are within the Ngong Forest. The students also studied the vegetation in the forest, the canopy, under cover layer and the type of soil.

DSC06727 woodland.JPG

Students at the woodlands

Another area where they studied was at the grasslands where they studied different types of grasses and the habitats in all sections. The students had to list down and draw whatever they had seen and has a relationship with that habitat. They learned more about food chain and food web, adaptations and characteristics of the producer, primary consumer and secondary consumer.

DSC06770 grass hopper.JPG

Students studying about grasshoppers.

The students really had a great time studying in the forest. We encourage many more students and other institutions to come and use this Indigenous forest for such purposes because studying practically has a very great impact on someone’s knowledge.

By: Ranger George Thuo, E-mail: [email protected]

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