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Fire Outbreak in the forest

I stayed the whole day manning the main camp gate.  Everybody was out to celebrate Christmas.  At 3: 00 pm, my colleague, Joseph and Ranger Senkenkei attached to Kenya Forest Service arrived; we sat there chatting about how people were celebrating Christmas.


Some minutes to six in the evening, we got an emergency call from the project co-coordinator alerting us about a fire out break in the forest.  It was strange but we needed to act fast before the fire spread to other parts of the forest.  We organized ourselves and left Joseph manning the gate and I and Ranger Senkenkei left for the site which was not very far from the camp, we had to take a shorter route through the Ngong Racecourse golf course since it was busy that day as many people seemed to have left for Christmas


On our way, we saw two warthogs, grazing on the grass on the horse track.  This drew our attention as it had been long since we had seen warthogs.  But since we had an emergency we had to proceed to the site.  


Warthogs grazing at Ngong Racecourse 

By good luck we found that the fire had already been contained and only some tree stumps were smoldering.  We borrowed jerricans from the people leaving next to the forest; they were supportive and gave us the jerricans filled with water, which we poured on to the tree stumps and all the places that were still producing smoke.



Putting off the fire 

It took us about one hour to finish all the areas that had caught fire.  We kept vigil for some minutes to see if the fire would start again.  On seeing that things were alright we proceeded back to the camp.