The electric perimeter fence sorrunding the Sanctuary has been vandalized at a very alarming rate. Our efforts to stop it bears some little fruits by arresting some culprits but the act still goes on.

This definitely shows that there is a very stong and well organized group of gang which strikes during different times of the day from dawn, late evening hours and late during the night. This forces us to lay ambushes in some sections and organize some patrols during different hours of the day and night. Despite the fact that we are only two rangers who do the patrols, We do take the risk of going into the forest late in the night un-armed just to make sure that there are no thugs vandalizing the fence and we can also get to save the remaining parts.

During one of our normal patrols on Tuesday morning, Nicholas a colleague of mine and I decided to patrol along the fence towards the rowlland camp from the main gate. After taking a walk for some meters, we got to the motorcross field where we saw a group of thugs very busy cutting wires from the fence. Some of the wire was already been cut, coilled and packed in their bags.Some of the thugs were still loosening the stoppers from the fence to remove more wires from the posts.

Since we were only the two of us aganist a gang of six thugs, it was abit difficult for us to arrest the thugs, so we scared them away by striking one of the posts with a stick commanding them to surrender themselves. In a span of a second, all of them had escaped towards different directions for their safety, leaving everything they had behind, including the wires which they had stolen. one of them threw an object toward us but fortunately it did not hit any of us.


A ranger inspecting the recovered items

We carried everything that had been left by the thugs and brought them back with us as we came back to the Sanctuary. Immediately we arrived, we informed the Project Coordinator and our other colleague who we had left at the main gate about what we had been through during the patrol.


A bag full of wires and apair of pliers

At that particular area, the thugs had managed to cut fourteen wires at a distance of approximately 400 meteres, which we managed to rescue and recover, and we are planning to repair the fence and tighten the loosened stoppers.


A section of the vandalized fence

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