The Sanctuary is becoming increasingly polular as a destination for many learning institutions. Yesterday was a big day for the students from Lycee Denis Detroit French school Nairobi who had come for an educational mainly on insects in the sanctuary.

Students eager to see the insects

Durney Mitchelle who was one of the facilitators has been a researcher in the forest since last year. He is a specialist in buttereflies, beetles, among other insects and animals in general. It seemed like some students were not very conversant with English, so Durney the facilitator had the advantage of teaching them in French. In the auditorium,he elaborated to the students the different families, classes and characteristics of butterflies and bettles respectively.

Mitchele explains about butterflies

Later on around the Education Centre, the students studied more about bees, different type of plants and anything else that was interesting to them.

The students also discussed the enemies of the flies and insects being the birds and the chameleon.

Finally courageous enough to hold a chameleon

They were also demonstrated to on how to catch butterflies with a net trap,how to set the trap to catch a butterfly and beetles, how to draw some leaves, insects and some other more activities.Another group from the same school will also be visiting the Sanctuary for an educational tour fpr the same purose.

Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary is protected through kind donation from friends and well wishers. Kindly support us by donating towards the protection of the this unique urban Forest

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