Lavington United Church Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Planting Trees.

Lavington United Church which is located approximately 2km from Ngong forest Sanctuary was celebrating their 50th anniversary. The church officials had visited the forest earlier to make some preparations before the big day arrived. Last saturday was a very busy day in the forest as church members started to arrive one by one and by 11am the Education centre hall was full with church members. Before they started with their program they were welcomed by Ngong forest Sanctuary project Co-ordinator who gave them a brief introduction about the Sanctuary.

DSC06210.JPG Ngong forest Project Co-odinator welcoming visitors in to Ngong forest Sanctuary

The Church Co-ordinators then took the podium and welcomed the members.One of the church active youth member presented a song on enviromental conservation. Their senior pastor then took over and gave the Congregation spiritual nourishment from the book of John 15 which was also talking about conservation. After the pastor was through, the congregation was taken round the forest for a short walk. Since the route was passing near the the apiary, they were eager to know more about Beekeeping project which was well explained to them by the Project co-ordinator. They were also able to learn the names of various indigenous species of trees.

DSC06224.JPG Visitors at the Apiary

By the time we were coming from the from the forest many people were able to identify various indigenous species of trees from thier community and their various uses as they were taught by their grand parents. This is because various indigenous trees might treat various ailments depending on the community one is from.

DSC06228.JPG A visitor explaining to his collegues some of the uses of various trees in their vernacular

The main activity for the day as was planned by the church was tree planting. The Church chairman started the occasion by planting a silver oak tree which is the most threatened species in the forest. Other members followed and after almost an hour they were through with planting and watering for the seedlings which were almost 120 of various species endemic to Ngong forest.

DSC06241.JPG A kid being taught how to plant a tree

When the planting exercise was through, they assembled back at the orientation banda where they were to get some refreshments as they continued to share the word of God with their neighbours seated next to each other. The occasion ended some minutes to 3pm and it was such a great day to everyone who had attended.

DSC06258.JPG Visitors getting refreshments at the Orientation banda

By Nicholas Akach.

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