By the end of the week we had studied 12 plots.From the study we were able to learn alot of things from different sections of the plots. The most affected plots were those adjacent to Kibera slums in terms of tree poaching and debarking which mainly targeted some species of the trees. Silver oak( branchylaena huillnsis) which is mainly used for carving was most affected and this we knew by the number of tree stumps we saw.

treeee stumps.JPG

the logged trees

Medicinal trees such as (warbugia ugandensis) and (elaeodendron) mostly known by locals as “Mutanga” were also affected trees since their barks had been removed thus making them cease to survive. The Species that were least affected were Dracaena Steudneri and Euphorbia Candelabrum which have grow along the seasonal river and nobody seemed to be intrested in them probably because they consider them wothless. Olea Europea (Africana) and Verpris Nobolis were also very affected as they are used for firewood.

debarked tree.JPG

one of the debarked trees

On the final day of Mr Bakari’s visit to the Ngong Forest he taught me how to make a plant drier and how to dry the plants. His visit taught me alot and by the end of the day i was certain that if i was told to do a vegetation survey on my own i could do it without any hesitation.

To make a plant drier you will need the following items: Tape measure, nails, wood, ironsheets, saw, and wire mesh. To dry the plants use the followng method.

Put a charcoal inside the drier with few burning coals.

Place the plant press on the platform on the plant drier.

Cover the top of the drier to reduce loss of heat.

Check the plant press after about half an hour and turn it on the other side for about half an hour.

After about one hour check if the plants are completly dry if not dry some more.

Check if any of the plants have been destroyed when drying especially the fruits and flowers replace them as they heat destroys them fast and it will be easy to identify them while on a field study.

the inside of the plant drier.JPG

The inside of the plant press drier

making a plant drier.JPG

Making a plant drier

the complete plant drier.JPG

The complete plant press drier

Story by: Nicholas Akach

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